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Cox Cable TV Service Questions

What makes our TV Service better?
Cox utilizes fiber optic cable which allows for a high volume of data to transfer regardless of any potential weather or electrical interference. Customers receive high quality picture and sound at a reduced cost.

Cox Advanced TV allows you to control your own television experience. Watch TV on the go with our app Cox TV Connect, or set your DVR to record your favorite program/movie so it’s ready to watch when you are.
What channels are available with Cox Cable?
Cox offers a wide variety of programming from local channels to sports, movies, and foreign languages programming. We offer different packages that can be tailored to your interests. To view the channels available in your area check out our channel lineup by clicking here.
What equipment do I need to have for Cox TV Service?
You will need one box per TV you would like to view digital channels on. The type of box you choose (Standard Definition or HD) will depend on your needs.
How do I utilize your HDTV service?
In order to get the HD experience in your home, simply subscribe to Advanced TV with HD service and we’ll get you everything you need in one set-top-box. No need to buy any additional equipment.

Cox Internet Service Questions

How fast is Cox’s Internet Service?
Cox offers internet service from 3Mbps to 50Mbps download speed. Internet speeds vary by offer and by region. Cox has the speed you need for everything you do online.
What makes Cox’s Internet Service safer?
Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee® is a comprehensive suite of online safety software tools available to all high speed internet customers at no additional cost. With Cox Security Suite you get the following features:
  • Antivirus – Block and remove viruses and stop them before they get to your PC.
  • AntiSpyWare – Blocks spyware before it installs on your computer and removes existing spyware.
  • Parental Controls – Protect your children while they’re online by filtering offensive content, pictures and websites.
  • Firewall – Monitors your internal traffic and alerts you of suspicious applications.
What equipment do I need to get Cox Internet Service?
In order to receive internet in your home a cable modem is required. You can choose to rent a modem from us or you may use your own compatible modem. If you choose to use your own modem, it has to be an approved modem that is compatible with our network.
How do I get wireless internet?
In order to get WiFi for your home, you can either use your own in-home wireless router from a retail outlet or use our Wireless Broadband Gateway.

Our Wireless Broadband Gateway combines a broadband modem and WiFi router into a single small device. Our gateways deliver supercharged internet connectivity to both directly connected and wireless devices in your home.
What is Cox Secure Online Backup?
Cox Secure Online Backup allows you to store your files, photos, videos and music safely and securely online. Consider this your “virtual drive” on your desktop. You can also share your files with whomever you choose.
What is PowerBoost®?
PowerBoost is a feature that provides internet subscribers with a short boos of performance in download speeds. The boost occurs during file downloads and when loading complex web sites. During this time frame, you will see download speeds boost for about 3 seconds and your modem will return to normal level. The speed and length of PowerBoost is dynamic, fluctuates, and is dependent on network traffic. PowerBoost is included at no additional cost to our customers.

Cox Phone Service Questions

Can I keep my current phone number when I switch to Cox?
Yes, in most cases Local Number Portability allows a customer to change local exchange carriers and maintain their current phone number.
What is Phone Tools?
Phone Tools is a feature provided to Cox customers who have phone service at no additional cost. This online service allows you to interact with your phone on the web or using our new Cox Mobile Connect app on your smartphone. You can manage your call settings, voice mail and call logs from anywhere.

Ordering Cox

How Do I order Cox Cable Services?
Ordering services for your home is quick and easy.
  1. Enter your address, and we will check if Cox Cable services are available for your home
  2. Select the offer that best fits your needs from the list of exclusive offers in your area
  3. Complete the customer information form and follow the steps to place your order.
What happens after I place my order?
After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail which includes a confirmation number, service plan details and the necessary steps to schedule your installation.

Cox Installation Questions

How long will installation take?
Installation time can vary depending on the services ordered. After you have placed your order, we provide you with the steps necessary to schedule your installation date and time.
What is the difference between professional and self –installation?
During a professional installation a service technician will install and set up your services for a one-time fee.

If you select self-installation, you will be provided with a self-installation kit including everything that is needed for quick and easy set-up of services. You will be responsible for setting up your service.

Cox Customer Support Questions

How can I reach Cox Cable?
If you'd like to place an order for Service, please enter your address here or call us at .